“Abstract Bridge #1” 2011 by LISA JO – SOLD

“Abstract Bridge #1” 2011 by LISA JO – SOLD
16″ x 20″ acrylic (ready to hang)

Painting I’ve been working on today. Almost done. Was working deep in emotion, thinking about a loved one who may be losing his mom, and just let my subconscious paint. After I was almost finished, I realized that it looks like a bridge.

P. S. “Untitled Mid-October #2″ by LISA JO (shown a couple posts below with the red poppy sun abstract) is underneath all the layers of the bridge painting now. LOL. I tend to paint over my paintings fairly regularly.

Facebook Comments for “Abstract Bridge #1”: (most names omitted for privacy until I ask them permission to post their names 🙂 )

” I love it!!! ” ~ LeAnn Baxmann – Knoxville, TN

“That is my FAVORITE of all the paintings you have done…..very yummy! Don’t give it away!”~ Kelly Groves Chadwick of Kelly Chadwick Designs – Lampasas, TX

“Love Love Love this painting. I saw this in a small window and HAD to enlarge it to see it. You are so talented.” ~  Robin Lancaster – Seattle, WA

“Love this one!”

“So is it for sale?” 🙂

“This is great!”


About Lisa Portzer

ATX Graphic Designer | eLearning Developer | Professional Abstract Artist
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