In Progress Mid-October #1 and #2

Working on these two bizarro paintings currently. The large one is 48″ x 36″and the other is 16″ x 20″. Both are abstract acrylic on ready-to-hang canvas. Thinking about adding in some weird butterfly/chrysalis thingies on the big one with a few bizarre webs and the other is a red flower sun rising from the landscape. I painted the smaller one while hanging out with  my grandma at her nursing home today. She hadn’t painted since 1968 and I thought maybe me hanging out and talking/painting with her might bring her some joy and get her interested in painting again. It’s such excellent therapy! She wasn’t thrilled with her painting of a tree. Kept telling her it’s about ENJOYING the PROCESS. LETTING GO and just having fun. She didn’t get it. I won’t give up on her though! I’m excited because the nursing home would like me to come teach free art classes to the seniors!

“Untitled Mid-October #1” by LISA JO

“Untitled Mid-October #2” by LISA JO



About Lisa Portzer

ATX Graphic Designer | eLearning Developer | Professional Abstract Artist
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