“Chaos Language” 2011 by LISA JO – SOLD!

“Chaos Language” 2011 by LISA JO – SOLD!
to repeat buyer
“48 x 24” acrylic on artist canvas (ready-to-hang)

This painting was inspired by last month’s “Mercury Retrograde” when communications (phone, email, Facebook, mail) where in a snarl. It seemed like messages to/from others where frequently not going through, were misunderstood, and in a general holy snarl. So many people I talked with said they were experiencing the same thing. So “Chaos Language” is about just that. Trying to communicate with others and not getting through.

Facebook comments for this painting (names omitted for privacy):

“Wow sissy, your really talented!”

“By chance do you watch football? a special teams secret play! :)”

“I like!!! Red looks 3D!! Looks like a totem pole too!”

“Love love love it! Don’t give it away!” -Kelly Groves Chadwick

“Awesome!! Good job again!”


About Lisa Portzer

ATX Graphic Designer | eLearning Developer | Professional Abstract Artist
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