“Flowers Growing in Moonlight” 2010 by LISA JO – Available!

“Flowers Growing in Moonlight” June 2010 – Available!
30″ x 24″ acrylic on artist canvas (ready to hang)

“Sometimes our most beautiful growth is in cover of darkness, emptiness, and adversity.” ~ Lisa Jo

Acrylic on artist canvas/ready-to-hang
30″ x 23″

Facebook Comments for “Flowers in Moonlight” ~ June 2010
(names removed for privacy):

“I love it!”

“I love the “we often grow most in our darkest/emptiest moments”. That is so very true for some folks, but some tend to go the other way, fall into the deepest depressions too. Your painting shows the ones seeking to grow. Very nice.”

“Why is there a hole in the sky? Is it on a pedestal?”

“Three men competing for a woman’s, uh, love? …her glory?”

“The empty moon is glorious.”


About Lisa Portzer

ATX Graphic Designer | eLearning Developer | Professional Abstract Artist
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