“Bright Haze” 2011 by Lisa Jo – SOLD!

“Bright Haze”, 2011 by Lisa Jo – SOLD! to A. Ansari, Doctoral student at the University of Texas at Austin. This gentleman was referred by a client who purchased several paintings from me last year. How cool is that?

















Facebook Comments for “Bright Haze”, 2011. Names omitted for privacy!

“I love seeing all your art work. I’m happy to see you following your passion.”

“I think it is awesome!!!”

“You are going to need to start painting again sister!!! You are going to be out of paintings soon!!!!!”

“So cool. I have a daughter who is a gifted artist. Maybe someday she’ll sell her pieces.”

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SOLD! “Cave Views #3” 2011 and “Abstract Bridge #1” 2011 by LISA JO

SOLD today! “Cave Views #3” 2011 and “Abstract Bridge #1” 2011 by LISA JO
to art connaisseur and ATX tax attorney. 🙂

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“Abstract Bridge #1” 2011 by LISA JO – SOLD

“Abstract Bridge #1” 2011 by LISA JO – SOLD
16″ x 20″ acrylic (ready to hang)

Painting I’ve been working on today. Almost done. Was working deep in emotion, thinking about a loved one who may be losing his mom, and just let my subconscious paint. After I was almost finished, I realized that it looks like a bridge.

P. S. “Untitled Mid-October #2″ by LISA JO (shown a couple posts below with the red poppy sun abstract) is underneath all the layers of the bridge painting now. LOL. I tend to paint over my paintings fairly regularly.

Facebook Comments for “Abstract Bridge #1”: (most names omitted for privacy until I ask them permission to post their names 🙂 )

” I love it!!! ” ~ LeAnn Baxmann – Knoxville, TN

“That is my FAVORITE of all the paintings you have done…..very yummy! Don’t give it away!”~ Kelly Groves Chadwick of Kelly Chadwick Designs – Lampasas, TX

“Love Love Love this painting. I saw this in a small window and HAD to enlarge it to see it. You are so talented.” ~  Robin Lancaster – Seattle, WA

“Love this one!”

“So is it for sale?” 🙂

“This is great!”

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SOLD! “Infinity Portal” 2011 by LISA JO

“Infinity Portal” 2011 by LISA JO SOLD! To Gilbert

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YAY! My favorite painting SOLD to one of the coolest guys in the universe!

“Deep-end Subconscious Emerging” 2010 by LISA JO – SOLD!
This guy is so super cool. A real amazing person and kindred spirit. He’s an engineer, musician and artist with positive, uplifting energy. This painting is one of my very favorites that I’ve created. 🙂

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3 More LISA JO Abstract Paintings SOLD!

“Kissed” 2010, “Chaos Language” 2011, “9 Blue Birds” 2011 by LISA JO
The customer loves “9 Blue Birds” so much he commissioned me to do an 18″ x 24″ copy of the original! He said he will choose the best of the two and give the other to a friend to give one of their friends who owns a furniture store and has an affinity with the “Number 9”. Too cool! 🙂

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In Progress Mid-October #1 and #2

Working on these two bizarro paintings currently. The large one is 48″ x 36″and the other is 16″ x 20″. Both are abstract acrylic on ready-to-hang canvas. Thinking about adding in some weird butterfly/chrysalis thingies on the big one with a few bizarre webs and the other is a red flower sun rising from the landscape. I painted the smaller one while hanging out with  my grandma at her nursing home today. She hadn’t painted since 1968 and I thought maybe me hanging out and talking/painting with her might bring her some joy and get her interested in painting again. It’s such excellent therapy! She wasn’t thrilled with her painting of a tree. Kept telling her it’s about ENJOYING the PROCESS. LETTING GO and just having fun. She didn’t get it. I won’t give up on her though! I’m excited because the nursing home would like me to come teach free art classes to the seniors!

“Untitled Mid-October #1” by LISA JO

“Untitled Mid-October #2” by LISA JO


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SOLD! “Landscape Views #1” by LISA JO

SOLD! “Landscape Views #1″ by LISA JO
16″ x 20” abstract acrylic

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SOLD! 3 LISA JO abstract paintings

SOLD! “Feeling Zen #1” 2011, “Untitled August 2011”, and “Hot Lake” 2011.

Quote from Samantha: “The art is vibrant and alive with color, and Lisa is very warm and welcoming!” – Samantha L. Reisz of Austin, TX

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SOLD! 3 abstract originals by LISA JO

SOLD! August 2011 to John W. for his condo in Kentucky. 
“Happiness” 2010, “Untitled Springs” 2010, and “Rivers of Atlantis” 2010

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